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Wooden Houses


The popularity of wood increases at the same time with the demand for modern homes.

Its outstanding features recommend it especially for construction, compared with other materials such as metal, concrete, masonry to The choice and use of this material, must be taken into account some main features such as: humidity, density (specific gravity), expansion, thermal conductivity, acoustic and electric, chemical properties, the action of biological factors.

Advantages of wooden houses

  • Warm in winter / cool in summer - with a high coefficient of thermal insulation due to both construction and how the materials used
  • Resistance to earthquake - Due to the flexibility of how wood and construction wood houses are well known for their strength in case of earthquakes. Moreover wood is a material with a high degree of durability, as well as renewable
  • Wood maintain an optimal level of humidity so the air in the house never feels too wet or too dry
  • Wood does not allow deposition of dust, wooden houses are recommended for people with allergies or respiratory deficiencies

Wooden houses have a much lower execution time than with the masonry houses.

The cost of execution of wooden houses is up to 35% less than for masonry homes.

Wooden Houses - Types